Having to pay a poverty taxation: The high price of being bad in Oklahoma

Having to pay a poverty taxation: The high price of being bad in Oklahoma

“Ordinary things cost more when you’re bad, ” Sophia Foreman said. She’s got three young ones, three jobs rather than money that is enough spend her bills. Sophia works part time at a box that is big in a Tulsa suburb and it has an additional part-time task at a call center. On Sundays she works in a church nursery – completely 50 hours many months at $9 and alter per hour. Things got rough for Sophia this winter. Heating bills had been high and she lost time from work as a result of weather that is bad. Dealing with a cutoff of her fuel solution, Sophia went along to a loan company that is payday. “I knew it absolutely was likely to be expensive but exactly what option did i’ve? We couldn’t live without temperature. ” She borrowed adequate to pay for the gasoline bill and get boots that are warm her family members.

Fallin indications bill students that are requiring recite Pledge of Allegiance

Gov. Mary Fallin on Tuesday finalized a measure requiring public college students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance one or more times per week. Senate Bill 1143 would let students not also desperate to state the Pledge of Allegiance to decide down. “In many schools, it isn’t necessary (to want it), but there are lots of schools that don’t take action for various reasons, ” said Sen. Larry Boggs, R-Wilburton, the Senate writer. “I never ever thought I would need to make a requirement from the jawhorse. ” Fallin additionally finalized Senate Bill 1372 that will reduce age need for joining the Oklahoma Highway Patrol from 23 years of age to 21.

Legislation would subject Oklahoma Highway Patrol dashboard video to state’s Open Records Act

Videos shot from the dashboards of Oklahoma Highway Patrol cruisers or digital digital cameras donned by troopers will be susceptible to the state’s Open Records Act under a bill that is going to the governor’s desk. More